• Ryan Hersh

It's More Than Buying Local..

As an Electric Bike shop owner and builder. I get ALOT of calls and questions. "Hey! can you fix my electric scooter?", "Howdy, I wanna buy a ebike kit and have you install it." My answer is always the same, "Nope! We only build, sell, and support EDISON bikes."

I get this phone call EVERY day, and I can image most other shops do too. Here's the thing, I was an IT guy in a previous life. And when you touch someone's laptop, you become MARRIED to them: when that puppy fails 5 years down the road, somehow it's my fault.

This is why MOST bicycle shops are afraid to touch an electric bike, or if they do, they are going to charge big bucks. The most seasoned bike mechanic usually cringes at ebikes because there is a whole other layer of electrical components and wiring that can be problematic. And rightly so, they didn't become a bike mechanic to become an electrical engineer. Most bicycle shops that carry "big-box" electric bikes do not stock replacement parts for electric bikes which leads to them having to reach out to the manufacturer for warranty replacements. This can take a lot of time.

At EDISON we build these puppies right here in ATL. We care less about the bottom line and more about building a bike that will change the world. We use the best components possible to keep you running for thousands of happy miles. And in if something did fail, hey we are right around the corner and we got your back. When you buy a bike from EDISON, you're buying into our family and we're stoked to be "married" to you!

*Feel good tangent alert*

We wanna be known as a company that does good work. Yes, you buying a bike helps us local guys keep the lights on but it's more than that. One more bike on the road means one less car; your purchase is contributing to making ATL a better place to live & love for everyone. Also, we partner with local community groups and organizations that are dedicated to good work here in Atlanta; Kirkwood Cares, Plywood People, Drew Charter School, GA TECH, 90.1 WABE and many others thank you for choosing EDISON. MUCH MUCH love.

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